Puppy Purchase Contract:

  • 1 Year Congenital Health Guarantee for all pups!  

  • You must take your pup to the vet within the first week and have a wellness exam completed, email me a copy of the vet receipt for the 1 year congenital health guarantee to be honored.  

  • Lifetime re-homing assistance: If for any reason you are unable to keep your puppy please contact me, if an emergency you can bring him/her home to PinUpBullys (Or I can come and pick up) and I will Kennel him/her and find a new loving family.  If its not an emergency we can look for a fitting family together.  I have lots of contact and clients looking for new family members.  

I would like to pre-deposit to have 1st pick of your next litter:

  • I am happy to take deposits on the next litter, the first deposit gets first pick, second - second, and so on. 

  • You have the first two weeks to make your pick.  After that people are first come first serve on picking their puppy.  

  • Please email or call so we can discuss when the next litter is planned unless one is already posted on my web page as scheduled so you know when to expect your new family member.  

  • Do take into consideration that sometimes a Dam doesn't get pregnant.  I test via my vet for her optimal breeding times and make sure she is with only her intended male.  However, their may be times that it doesn't take.  If this happens i'm happy to hold the deposit longer or refund it if preferred. 

  • After the litter is confirmed the deposit becomes non-refundable. 

  • Click on the Link Below to pay the 300.00 deposit via Pay Pal.  You can use a debit or credit card as a visitor or if you have your own pay pal account you can log in and pay from there. 

I know what puppy I want and I'm ready to make my down payment:

  • To reserve your puppy we require a $300.00 non refundable down payment.  They are non refundable because once you choose your puppy it is taken off the market and no other families will be able to become its forever home.  If you pull out of your decision it will be harder to find the little guy/girl a home at an older age.  The money deposited then will be used to advertise the pup and find it a forever home, as well as follow up vet/vaccination appointments and food.  

  • Click on the Link Below to pay the 300.00 deposit via Pay Pal.  You can use a debit or credit card as a visitor or if you have your own pay pal account you can log in and pay from there. 

I'm ready to pay my puppy off in full or make payments before pickup/delivery:

  • You are welcome to pay in cash or PayPal upon delivery or pickup, however if you prefer to make smaller payments during the 8 weeks your puppy is spending time with mommy learning how to be a good puppy you are welcome to do so as well.  

  • Just click the link below and enter the amount you want to pay.  

I want to get a puppy now, however payments over a year work better for me:


We understand that and Olde English Bulldogge is quite an expense. However investing in good breeding will save you thousands in potential vet costs. Quality is not cheap. There are options for financing your family pet:

  • We can accept any Credit Card, so using the credit that you already have is just fine!  We can bill using PayPal for the full amount of the puppy and you can make your payments to whomever your credit card agency is through.  These payments are usually 50.00 or more depending on the balance you carry on your card. 

  • Lending USA pet financing

  • PayPal Credit : Great introductory rate with generous line.

  • Community Finance: Up to $2,850 Available with convenient bi-weekly Payments. There is also a “30-Days same as cash” option (Not available in NJ, VT, WI, MN, MA or PR)

  • Wags Lending: Approval up to $5,000 available with early buy-out option. Fiance period for 12/24 month terms.

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