Juno, PinUpBullys 

  • Mom: PinUpBullys, Ziva

  • Moms Grandmother: Blue Legend Bully, Ellie May

  • Moms Grandfather: Householders, Chunk

  • Blue Legend Bully, Victoria's Blue Sapphire 

  • McMillan's, Frank Nitti

  • F.O.N, What a Mug Mick Jagger

  • McMillan's, Freeda Foreman

  • Victoria's, Blue Secret Beast

  • Victoria's, Blue Famous Cali

  • What a Mug, Tonda's Kid Rock

  • What a Mug, Blair's Saturn

  • Pacific Blue's, Gorilla

  • Joyful Acres, McMillan's  Shilo 

  • Full of Bulls, Blue Phoenix of PHX

  • Victoria's, Blue Brahama

  • Victoria's, Blue Jazzy Jazz

Mothers Lineage: Grandmas Side

Dad: Bullmaster Kennels, Mugsy Blue Eye

Dads Grandfather: Bullmasters, Baby Face Tux

Dad's G-Grandfather: Bullmasters, August Storm

Bullmasters, Where's Waldo

Bullmasters, Super Suds (English Bulldog)

Bullmasters, King Blue

Bullmasters, Diamond Chess

Bullmasters, Caspers Boo

Bullmasters, Porcelain

Bullmasters, Fandf Siezer

Bullmasters, Baby Jade

Bullmasters, EV Darwin (Victorian Bulldogge)

Bullmasters, EV Addie (Victorian Bulldogge)

Dad's Lineage:

Grandfathers Side

  • Moms Grandfather: Householders, Chunk

  • Moms G-Grandfather: Heavy Hitters, Rocco

  • Moms G-Grandmother: Householder's, Leona Alvira

  • Full of Bull's, Max of the IBK

  • Full of Bull's, Precious

  • Valorquest's, Rocco

  • Valorquest's, Idabelle

  • OSB, Lucky Strik

  • Bowling, Amanda Lee

  • Red Stick's, Cornerback Blitz

  • Red Sticks, Powder Puff

  • Roman Cesars, Blanco

  • Roman Cesars, Bodacious

  • Dragon Slayer's, Venom

  • Valorquests, Luella

  • What a Mug, Tonda's Kid Rock 

  • What a Mug, Blair's Saturn 

Mothers Lineage:

Grandpa's Side

Dads Grandmother: Bullmasters, Leaha

Dad's G-GrandfatherBullmasters, August Storm

Dad's G-Grandmother: Bullmasters, Sarah Lee

Dad's G-Grandmother: Bullmasters, Coco Poe

Bullmasters, Wheres Waldo

Bullmasters, Mofo Love

Bullmasters, Super Suds

Bullmasters, Lucy (Victorian Bulldogge)

Bullmasters, Boogie B

Bullmasters,  King Blue

Bullmasters, Diamond Chess

Bullmasters, Caspers Boo

Bullmasters, Porcelain

Bullmasters, Fandf Seizer (English Bulldog)

Bullmasters, Fat Boys Big Jake (English Bulldog)

Bullmasters, Mississippi Southern Belle

Bullmasters, Blues Charles Knight

Bullmasters, Caras Olde Baby Blue

Bullmasters, Marbas Diamond Maker

Bullmasters, Buskins Robin Jade

Bullmasters, Sir Charles

Bambies,Baby Jas[er

Country Bulls, Sir Egbbart

Country Charms, Sweet Phobe

Chubby Teletubby, Schwienbart

Cajahs Mountaain, Missy

My Bulldogges, Bozza Da Bull (Victorian Bulldoge)

Cajahs, Mountain Missy

Dad's Lineage: Grandmothers Side

  • Born: September 27th, 2017

  • Weight: 68 lbs

  • Height: 19" Tall

  • Temperament: Sound, able to breed natural, Fantastic on a leash, obeys basic commands, loves the car! Loves Grandmas Farm, Loves to go Hiking, Super affectionate!  Wants to be the center of attention and to get special treatment. 

  • Class: Blue Ribbon F3

  • Registered with: IOEBA

  • UTD on all Shots 

  • Microchipped

  • De-Wormer: Monthly

  • Merle Genetic Testing: Negative 6/2018

Juno's Stats:

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